An update on DataScience Hacks

I appreciate that you stop by and view my blogs and my code. Some of you, even send me a thank you note, which is so lovely to see as well. This is regarding being absent from blogging in past few months.

It takes a few days of full time hours to actually publish a decent blog post (I am no expert like so many others). Given my current work commitments among others, I have not been able to find time to publish blogs in recent times (not to mention, my laptop crashed).

I miss talking to you readers, this blog is my social media. I hope to touch base soon but I might be inclined to take a different direction.

In my humble opinion, technology is growing faster than the pace that we can catch up. There is so much more new research on machine learning and mathematical modeling happening on every day, however the ability to deploy these as a service remains somewhat of a challenge — project design, requirements definition, enterprise architecture, etc… all these may not click and could make the mathematical models look bad and unreliable.

I do not wish to digress, things could be argued both ways, based on one’s professional experience. But, the ability to ideate, conceptualize, reason, code, experiment and publish a blog is an intellectually rewarding exercise. I thank you for reading, commenting and just merely, viewing – from the bottom of my heart.

See you soon. Live long and prosper.

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